IPABInstituto para la Proteccion al Ahorro Bancario (Mexico)
IPABIndependent Payment Advisory Board (healthcare)
IPABIntellectual Property Appellate Board (India)
IPABInstitute of Perception, Action and Behaviour (est. 1998; School of Informatics; University of Edinburgh; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
IPABInvasion Plasmid Antigen B
IPABInternational Program for Antarctic Buoys
IPABInternal Pulmonary Artery Banding (cardiothoracic surgery)
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The IPAB would have "the authority to approve and deny funding for care," Rep.
The IPAB is a more prominent and also more controversial strategy that imposes direct controls on Medicare spending.
NEWS: How does the IPAB differ from other bodies like the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC)?
Ralston: The ACP is supportive of the general concept of an entity such as the IPAB.
The acquisition of IPAB will strengthen [the TOOLS partner chain's] position in the industrial market in southern Sweden," commented Johan Falk, executive vice president of B&B Tools.
Debo decir que tanto Banamex como el grupo Posadas no podian adquirir bienes de manos del IPAB, ya que la ley del Instituto establece en el programa de venta de activos que nadie que haya causado un quebranto al sistema financiero o nadie que haya sido rescatado por el Fobaproa puede recomprar activos, ahi se violenta la ley".
Under the new deal, the banks will return their Fobaproa notes (with a face value of 223 billion pesos) to the government and receive 107 billion pesos of IPAB bonds in return.
IPAB and the Congress want to conduct a new audit of the bad loans assumed by the government during the bank-rescue operation of 1995 to determine if these loans were proper.
The extraordinary commitment, competence and cooperation of personnel from IPAB and the banks making the sale were critical to the success of this mortgage loan sale," said Victor Lachica, President of Cushman & Wakefield Mexico.
The existence of the IPAB "permanently removes Congress from the decision-making process, and threatens the long-time, open, and important dialog between hospitals and their elected officials about the needs of local hospitals and how to provide the highest quality care to their patients and communities," according to Rick Pollack, executive vice president of American Hospital Association.