IPABSIntegrated Planning, Accountability, and Budgeting System
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(44) Critics of the IPAB also argue that the Board represents an impermissible delegation of Congressional law-making authority to politically unaccountable executive branch appointees, thus representing a violation of the basic tenants of the United States' separation of powers doctrine.
The ACA's IPAB was hardly the first attempt by American lawmakers to constrain the exploding cost of healthcare expenditures, particularly in the Medicare program.
(105) The President's consultations with members of Congress for membership appointments could prove problematic, at least in the immediate future, as the Republican controlled House of Representatives voted to repeal the IPAB in March 2012 and have since refused to confirm members to the Board.
The IPAB does not work in a vacuum; the Board will work in tandem with several other bodies, including the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, MedPAC, CMS, and the newly created Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation ("CMMI") within CMS.
(113) Furthermore, the Board's recommendations may not increase the total amount of Medicare spending relative to the total amount of net Medicare program spending that would have occurred without the implementation of the IPAB proposal.
This Article attempts to lay out the IPAB's assigned tasks, and assess its ability to succeed.
At the heart of the ACA's cost-control provisions is the IPAB. (3) From 2015 on, in any year which the Medicare Actuary forecasts that net spending growth will exceed target levels, the IPAB is charged with developing specific proposals to bring the net growth in Medicare spending back to target levels.
The functioning of the IPAB will be an experiment by Congress in binding itself to the mast, as Odysseus did when confronted by the Sirens.
This ambitious attempt to reform Medicare physician payments via the IPAB is also the weak point of the ACA.
The long-run effects of the IPAB on health-care costs--if the Board survives, and if its implementation is successful--are projected to be enormous.