IPACEIllinois Political Action Committee for Education
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A[cedilla] In conjunction with IPACE Project Director, civic education trainers and World Learning s Technical Advisor, develop a voter education outline and curricular modules that connect to existing IPACE civic education materials, but remains in the form of discrete modules.
A[cedilla] Ensure the modules are participatory, interactive, technically sound, unbiased, and properly targeted to IPACE program participants.
The S300 wafer probe stations for 300 mm wafer probing and summit 1200 series probe stations integrate with the Agilent 4100 series, or integrated parametric analysis and characterization environment (iPACE).
On the other hand, an interactive physical and cognitive exercise system (iPACES) uses neuroexergaming wherein older adults engage in a physical exercise pedaling and steering a stationary bike along a virtue bike path to achieve their target heart rate and play a computer game theoretically designed to train cognition.