IPACSIntegrated Performance Analysis of Computer Systems (Germany)
IPACSIntegrated Picture Archiving and Communication System (Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd.)
IPACSIntegrated Power/Attitude Control System (aerospace)
IPACSIntegrated Power and Control Solutions (trademark of Schneider Electric)
IPACSInitiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society
IPACSInternational Peace and Conflict Studies (various locations)
IPACSInfection Prevention and Control Service (healthcare; UK)
IPACSInitiative Pan-Américaine de Cyclisme Social (French: Panamerican Social Cycling Initiative)
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During last week's meeting, each taskforce presented a progress report to the IPACS Working Group on the efforts undertaken in their respective areas over the past six months.
By bringing together international experts and mobilising support and resources, the value of IPACS as a multi-stakeholder initiaitive is that it can significantly help governments and sports organisations to implement this important resolution and maximise the impact of joint efforts that tackle corruption in sport."
These are some of the questions that the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (Ipac) tries to answer in a recent paper.
The Ipac article, titled "Killing in Mindanao," disputes certain claims about s presumed leading role in the foreign terrorist network in Mindanao that do not square with the facts as recounted by people who saw him up close.
The measure also seeks to achieve more efficient systems through the creation of an Investment Promotion Action Center (IPAC) that will serve as a melting pot for information from concerned agencies and as a link to fast track dealings with them.
At the Boeing Company facility in Macon, GA, where they build subassemblies for the C-17 Globemaster III airlifter, two Broetje-Automation Integrated Panel Assembly Cells (IPAC's) have been added to increase Boeing's complex process capability.
Because of continued demand for lowering cost and increasing quality and schedule, Boeing recently added the Broetje IPAC's to the operation.
The IPACs have multiple CNCs onboard to control all the movements from a single operator station.
"IPAC addresses the imminent need for all issuers to evaluate their executive incentive plan design."