IPACSIntegrated Performance Analysis of Computer Systems (Germany)
IPACSIntegrated Power/Attitude Control System (aerospace)
IPACSIntegrated Power and Control Solutions (trademark of Schneider Electric)
IPACSInitiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society
IPACSInternational Peace and Conflict Studies (various locations)
IPACSInfection Prevention and Control Service (healthcare; UK)
IPACSInitiative Pan-Américaine de Cyclisme Social (French: Panamerican Social Cycling Initiative)
iPACSIntegrated Picture Archiving and Communication System (Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd.)
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All IPACS e-Solutions offices will continue to be operated as a standalone entity within the Kewill Global Trade and Logistics business.
We found the ideal opportunity to extend the capabilities of our International Trade solutions into Asia with IPACS and its award-winning technology.
I am proud to have grown IPACS into the successful regional company it is today," said Sing Lam Wong, founder and CEO of IPACS e-Solutions Group.
IPACS e-Solutions is a Singapore-based company with over 700 customers in the Asia Pacific region.
IPACS Managing Director Dr Vinay Sriram is leading the team developing the software, supported by Alinta Energy and University of South Australia.
Wong Sing Lam, Chairman of IPACS Group of companies, added that: "TradeCard and d2dlogistics.
TradeCard's agreement with IPACS enhances this network by providing TradeCard members access to d2dlogistics.
In 1983, IPACS was established in Singapore with a vision of providing superior IT solutions to the transportation and logistics industry.