IPACTInterleaved Polling with Adaptive Cycle Time
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Among all the six disciplines, limited scheduling discipline exhibits the best performance in IPACT. The advantages of the IPACT algorithm are it improves bandwidth utilization by reducing the overhead occurance from propagation delay and it allows statistical multiplexing.
In [18], IPACT with Grant Estimation (IPACT-GE) is proposed where it estimates the amount of new packets arriving between two consecutive pollings.
Excessive bandwidth mechanism is also used in intra ONU allocation of [36], but with limited IPACT in inter ONU allocation.
In [40], unlike IPACT, rather than having a fixed polling order, its polling order varies.
[8.] Kramer, G., Mukherjee, B., Pesavento, G.: IPACT a dynamic protocol for an Ethernet PON (EPON), IEEE Communications Magazine, vol.
This protocol mainly depends on IPACT and the amendment they suggest is defining the ONU that should send its data first by considering their RTTs.
Pesavento, "IPACT: a dynamic protocol for an Ethernet PON (EPON)," IEEE Communications Magazine, vol.
In preparation for the arrival of 3G services in China, Guangzhou 3G and CEI have formed a partnership to jointly launch the iPACT Mobile Video Services by combining the competitive advantages, geographic coverage, and content resources of the two companies.
The iPACT Mobile Video Services will allow subscribers to use SMS, MMS, WAP and IVR to submit a request and receive mobile video by downloading or watching live via mobile WAP services.
Under the iPACT program, PacificNet will provide all of the hardware, software, application, and content for VAS including a variety of IVR and other wireless and fixed-line VAS content to qualified VAS-Alliance partners on a profit sharing basis.
"As a pioneering move in the entertainment industry, our joint rollout of the iPACT Mobile Video Service will provide movie and TV viewers with a unique entertainment experience on demand, anytime, anywhere."
PacificNet Inc (Nasdaq:PACT), an investor and operator of companies that provide outsourcing and value-added services (VAS) in China, announced on Friday (20 January) that Guangzhou 3G, its subsidiary, has partnered with Chinese Entertainment International (CEI) to launch iPACT Mobile Video Services.