IPAIInternational Primary Aluminium Institute
IPAIInternational Platform against Isolation
IPAIIllinois Property Assessment Institute (Normal, IL)
IPAIIstituto Provinciale Assistenza Infanzia (Italian: Provincial Childhood Support Institute)
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This event, aimed at informing possible priority areas of work for IPAI, will assemble AI experts and stakeholders from around the world, drawn from the public and private sectors, academic and scientific communities, as well as civil society more broadly.
Of the 148 randomly selected telecenter venues in urban and rural Bangladesh in the IPAI venue survey, 82 belonged to the three entities of interest for this article.
El poblado se encuentra a 1,200 m.s.n.m., sus habitantes son indigenas pertenecientes a la familia linguistica yumana, representados por los grupos etnicos koalj y pa ipai.
Yet, through successive eras of colonial domination, few, if any, non-Indians either wanted or were able to distinguish between Luiseno and Cupeno; Mountain, Desert, and Pass Cahuilla; or Ipai and Tipai peoples.
Este articulo reconstruye las practicas chamanisticas de las culturas yumanoparlantes del norte de Baja California, especificamente, de los ipai o tipai (conocidos tambien como dieguenos) y de los paipai, kiliwa y kumiai, al integrar varias fuentes de informacion primaria y secundaria (Aschman, 1968; Hohenthal, 2001; Levi, 1978; Lazcano, 2000; Meigs, 1939; Owen, 1962; Zarate, 1986).
A wise man from the Pa ipai Indian group who recently died, Don Benito Peralta said : "this land is big, is ours, is dry but rich, we know how to use it, how to enjoy it and nobody is going to damage it or take it away from us".
Wednesday benefited from IPAI figures for April showing daily average aluminium production down by 100 tonnes from the March level of 54,500.
"Multimedia at School: A Challenge for Teachers, Self-Monitoring for Students." Ma aseh Hoshev (IPAI) 22, 1:38-41.
Canada and France are working with the international community to create the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) to support and guide the responsible development of artificial intelligence that is grounded in human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation, and economic growth.
L' indice des prix des actifs immobiliers (IPAI) a accuse une baisse de 0,8% en 2014, apres une hausse de 1,3% en 2013, ont annonce Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) et l'Agence nationale de la conservation fonciere, du cadastre et de la cartographie (ANCFCC).
IPAI figures for March showed average daily production for the month down by 100 tonnes to 54,500.