IPAIInternational Primary Aluminium Institute
IPAIInternational Platform against Isolation
IPAIIllinois Property Assessment Institute (Normal, IL)
IPAIIstituto Provinciale Assistenza Infanzia (Italian: Provincial Childhood Support Institute)
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Of the 148 randomly selected telecenter venues in urban and rural Bangladesh in the IPAI venue survey, 82 belonged to the three entities of interest for this article.
As indicated above, both the IPAI venue and user surveys in Bangladesh are based on random sampling and are nationally representative.
The IPAI survey included 38 CIC venues and 175 users.
The IPAI surveys categorized mobile ladies, RICs, and CLCs separately.
As both the venue and user surveys of the IPAI study have a low number of cases (seven UISCs and 28 users), related findings must be interpreted with caution.
IPAI figures showed aluminium inventories at smelters, excluding finished end products, rose by 108,000 tonnes to 3.
According to IPAI figures, global January alimony production averaged 54,000 tonnes per day, down from a revised 54,600 for December.