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IPAMInitiatives Pour un Autre Monde
IPAMInstitute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (UCLA)
IPAMIp Address Management
IPAMInstitute of Public Administration and Management (Singapore)
IPAMInstituto de Pesquisas Ambientais da Amazônia (Portuguese: Amazon Institute of Environmental Studies, Brazil)
IPAMIncremental Probabilistic Action Modeling
IPAMImproved Point Analysis Model
IPAMInternet Protocol Address Manager
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Cloud migration is heavily dependent on IPAM, as visibility is needed at the start, and capacity to manage the migration in correlation with DNS services.
With new IP address conflict detection, SolarWinds IPAM automatically detects duplicate IP addresses and sends conflict alerts for both static and DHCP environments and quickly resolves the conflicts using detailed IP address connection information.
Infoblox is the only IPAM solution that has met and exceeded those criteria.
The device, called iPAM (intelligent Pneumatic Arm Movement) consists of two robots that hold the patient's arm in the same way that a physiotherapist would in directing exercises for stroke victims.
Ane Alencar, a researcher with the Amazon Institute for Environmental Research (IPAM), said the drought affecting the Amazon is an extreme weather event resulting from El Nino, which occurred in late 2009 with its fallout being felt this year.
Worldwide Computer Products News-3 June 2010-BlueCat Networks launches new IPAm and DNS/DHCP solutions(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Still many couldn't get an IP address management (IPAM) project pushed through the budget process for various reasons.
A key component among this set of tools and processes is IP address management (IPAM), which is employed to track and manage IP address space and supporting network services.
have announced availability of the Infoblox IPAM WinConnect(TM) system, an IP address management tool for Microsoft DNS and DHCP environments that enables IT administrators to replace spreadsheets, manual processes and home-grown solutions with a powerful, cost-effective, dedicated solution.