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IPANInteractive Professionals Associatie Nederland (Dutch: Interactive Professionals Association Netherlands)
IPANIndia Project for Animals and Nature (Tamil Nadu, India)
IPANIowa Pagan Access Network (Iowa City, IA)
IPANImage and Pattern Analysis Group (Szatki Institute; Budapest, Hungary)
IPANIntrinsic Primary Afferent Neuron (neuroscience)
IPANInvestment Promotion Agency Network
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In ixquich cahuitl quimatitiuh Todo el tiempo va a conocer alla in uncan imiquiztequipan, in el momento de su trabajo de itlapoalpan: in miquiz ipan muerte, el momento de su cuenta: tlacaxipehualiztli.
Ipan temictli san tlatzitzicatoc ihuan tech huica ipan ocsequintin Semanahac.
Muchas de estas conjeturas y restituciones seran necesarias, y es cosa perfectamente normal: el tocotin en honor de San Pedro Nolasco (1677), impreso por primera vez y reimpreso (1689) en vida de Sor Juana, no expuesto por tanto a las casi inevitables deformaciones que acarrea la transmision manuscrita, tiene, sin embargo, errores de este tipo: impan por ipan, sobre, plural por singular (sobre muchos en vez de sobre uno); tehuatl por yehuatl, tu por el; errores, pues, de persona y de numero, y tambien formas tan claramente corruptas como miechtin, traducido en las notas como todos, pero forma inexistente en el mexicano clasico.
itech on nemi ya in quetzalin quechol in tototl ipan mochiuhtinemi
This was followed by Hindustan Thompsons's IPAN and the Taj Hotel's Good Relations (p.
And I am looking at the altar where copal incense billows among the equally pungent flowers, the flickering candles, the hummingbirds and flowers rendered in beeswax, ears of maize, whispered prayers, and paper banners, one of which is inscribed: Ipan inin tet / nicchihuaz notiopan: "Upon this rock / I will build my church.
He had previously co-founded IPAN, setting up their global partner network as its Head of Sales and Marketing.
16v] Inic chicome capitulo, itechpa tlatoa: inic nauhtetl machiotl, in itoca ce xochitl: auh in toquichti ipan tlacatia, quitoaya: quilmach papaquini yez, huel mozcaliani; ihuan huel quimocuitlahuia in cuicatl, ihuan in paquiliztli, ihuan cacamanaltini, cacamanale: auh quil in cihua, huehuei tlamachiuhque: quilmach zan tlanepantla ca inin machiotl, quitoznequi achi tetolini, ihuan achi cualli.
We need to adjust our schedule; we will wait for all the volunteers until Tuesday, Mariel Ipan, one of the volunteers, said.
Diplomado en teoria y clinica psicoanalitica del Instituto de Psicoanalisis IPAN.
A recent Celebrity Endorsement Survey carried out by the Indian Market Research Bureau and IPAN revealed that 86 per cent of people remember ads starring celebrities.
Some peculiar terms of the Ga'ay are considered to be their ethnic markers, such as kiw, kewe: <G> / ipan, ipa',nyipan, jipan <K, B> ('tooth') (except for the Ga'ay-ized Merap, tongkow); segun, segu:n, seguen, seguyn <G> / hawa:n, hawa ', hawae <K, B> ('spouse'); lip, liep, seliep <G> / pida:ng, pindang, penetie, luda:ng <K, B> ('flower') (except for the Ga'ay Long Ba'un, da:'); or, ing, pteng, pte:ng <G> / ja:m, njam, ncae, tuto:, tutow <K, B> ('to know,' 'to be able to').