IPANOIndependent Physician Association of New Orleans
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In what order the iPANO takes the mosaic segments is up to you.
Once you have start and end frames programmed, the iPANO's LCD display indicates how many segments it will require (based on how long your start and end frames are), and also how long it will take to shoot them (based on your exposure time and the number of frames required), which in turn are all based on your lens FOV and frame overlap.
I tested the iPANO using only its on-board control screen.
However you control the iPANO, what you end up with is anywhere from a handful to several dozen images per panorama.
Purchasers of an iPANO are eligible for a free copy of the Standard Edition of the stitching software Pano-weaver (easypano.com).
It aligned and blended even iPANO's complex multi-tier mosaics quickly and perfectly, and offers a variety of map projections to turn the spherical sky into a flat image.
The iPANO can also function as a dual-axis "motion controller" for taking time-lapse movies where the camera moves incrementally between each frame, in both azimuth and altitude if desired.
To do this, I set the exposure on the camera, and then set the iPANO's Shutter Length to 0.1 second, and the Period/Exposure to the next increment longer than the camera's exposure time.
It would be useful if the iPANO screen then calculated and displayed the angular sweep of your sequence and how long it will take to shoot.
Unlike many dedicated motion controllers, the iPANO offers no exposure ramping, nor speed ramping (see S&T: November 2015, p.
The iPANO also has an advantage in including a convenient built-in lithium battery (most other time-lapse controllers require an outboard 12-volt battery).