IPAPSInstitute for Pure and Applied Physical Sciences (University of California, San Diego)
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Support provided by the ventilator was quantified by measuring IPAP and EPAP, as well as total oxygen flow required to maintain peripheral oxygen saturation rate above 90%.
Table 6: IPAP, EPAP, and O2 requirement within the first hour in the two groups.
The new law established a graduated response approach, and replaced the term Internet Service Provider with Internet Protocol Address Provider (IPAP) to exclude schools and government departments that provide internet access, but are not traditional ISPs.
The first step in the graduated response process in New Zealand involves a copyright owner providing an IP address to the IPAP. The IPAP then sends the subscriber a detection notice, informing the subscriber of the allegations and informing him or her that what has been done is illegal.
In October 2004, NATO approved an IPAP for Georgia.
In its inaugural year, IPAP participants were placed as far as Siberut Island in the remote Mentawei group of Indonesia and in Sarawak, Malaysia as well as in Fiji and Vanuatu.
Four years after its funding was cut, IPAP remains one of PPP's best-known initiatives and greatest success stories of its 35year history.
Both WAINIMATE and ECOWOMAN benefitted immensely from the participation of IPAP participants as well as exchanges with Canadian First Nations communities.