IPARDInstitute of Participatory Agriculture Research and Development (Sri Lanka)
IPARDIsland Park Advocates for Responsible Development (Island Park, ID)
IPARDInstitute for Public Administration and Regional Development (Ukraine)
IPARDInstrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development (EU)
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The IPARD 2 Program disposes of 60 million euro in EU funds, to which 25 percent of funds from the Macedonian budget are added.
In order to cut their expenses, winegrowers can use the IPARD program to receive 60 percent i.
Project Description : The proposed AF will provide additional resources to strengthen the capacity of all the implementing entities and structures involved in the management of the IPARD measures.
A clear political agreement on the set up of IPARD implementing structures and the development of a country wide strategic plan for rural development are preconditions for support to agriculture and rural development under the foreseen IPA II funds from the EU in this period.
Farmers, business operators and users who benefit from the IPARD II program will use the Guarantee Fund for covering part of the mortgage, subsidies for covering the expenses for half of the interest rates and free type-projects for companies
The Ministry of Agriculture said the first contracts for use of funds from the IPARD 2 program in the total amount of 10 million euros will be signed by the end of June or early July this year.
5 million and its goal is the formation of the IPARD agency and the governing body in accordance with EU requirements, preparation and implementation of a training plan for these two bodies, as well as assistance to Serbia in the EU integration process, the Minister explained.
The utilization rate is very low in component 5, or IPARD, which is rural development, where every year 14 to 15 million euros are sent back to the EU budget," said Aleksandar Kolekeski from the Center for European Strategies Eurothink.
These projects can be used to apply for funds from the IPARD program.
Contract notice fro Support to IPARD Operating Structure (managing authority, IPARD Agency and advisory services)
Massive documentation, poor institutional support and complicated procedures are the main reasons putting off Macedonian farmers from applying for the funds of the IPARD Programme.
He said there would also be money for farmers through the IPARD 2 program.