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IPARSIntegrated Parallel Accurate Reservoir Simulator
IPARSInternational Programmable Airline Reservation System
IPARSInternational Passenger Airline Reservation System (IBM)
IPARSInformal Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (government contracting)
IPARSIntegrated Planning and Reporting System
IPARSIntegrated Planning Accounting and Reporting System
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A PAR can appear as one of two different forms: uninstantiated PAR (UPAR) and instantiated PAR (IPAR): We store all instances of the UPAR, which contains default applicability conditions, preconditions, and execution steps, in a hierarchical database called the Actionary.
Quantity and type IEP Participation Reusen, of student verbal Strategy (IPARS; Van Deshler, & contributions Reusen, Bos, Schumaker, Schumaker during simulated & Deshler, 1987; taught (1989) role-playing and Students five steps to actual IEP promote active conferences participation in IEP 2.
But because the effect of the treatment on seed number per plant was of a lower magnitude (less than 5 or 20% for shading and thinning treatments, respectively) than those applied on the source (more than 50 or 150% for shading and thinning treatments, respectively), seed weight was mainly related to the accumulated IPAR per plant (Dossio et al., 2000).
Works included in the database were those where the post-flowering source of assimilates was quantified (as accumulated IPAR per plant or LAD) and oil yield per square meter components were reported.
Seed weight had a saturated response to LAD, similar to that previously observed when the source was quantified by accumulated IPAR during the seed-filling period (Dossio et al., 2000; Aguirrezabal et al., 2003).