IPATInstituto Panameño de Turismo (Spanish: Panama Tourism Bureau)
IPATInfrastructure Project Assessment Tool
IPATIP Analysis Tools (Cisco)
IPATInternet Protocol Access Terminal
IPATInstitute for Personality & Ability Testing
IPATImplementation Process Action Team
IPATIndependent Program Assessment Team
IPATIn-Plant Acceptance Test
IPATImplant Acceptance Testing
IPATInter-Packet Arrival Time (computers)
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He was not put out of temper even by the sight of the peasants' horses and colts trampling down his young grass (he told a peasant he met to drive them out), nor by the sarcastic and stupid reply of the peasant Ipat, whom he met on the way, and asked, "Well, Ipat, shall we soon be sowing?" "We must get the ploughing done first, Konstantin Dmitrievitch," answered Ipat.
The AMEDD Lessons Learned staff also participates in other DCDD IPATs, including telehealth, mild traumatic brain injury and concussion recovery care, advanced trauma management, prehospital medical informatics, battlefield oxygen requirements, and en route critical care.
Godunov sponsored the painting of the frescoes in the monastery's Trinity Cathedral; see Stenopis Troitskogo sobora Ipat 'evskogo monastyria, 2 vols.
IPAT Anxiety Scale was developed in 1976 by Krug, Scheier and Cattell.
The NL Speech Assistant 3.0 is available now through Unisys NL Enabled partners such as Parity, Periphonics, Mediasoft, IPAT, Pronexus.
While Panama has lagged behind regional tourism leader Costa Rica -- which recorded over one million visitors in 1999 and earnings of around US$1 billion -- it is now gearing up to compete, said IPAT's planning director Tomas Sosa.
Tourist Facilities and Translation Center (CEFATI): A tourism center will be created in Gamboa by the Panamanian Institute of Tourism (IPAT) and the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote tourism activities and offer information and translation services.
'If you think about it, there shouldn't be poverty around the Laguna Lake because it's too big,' said environmental lawyer Ipat Luna, OIC (officer in charge) undersecretary for legal affairs of the DENR.
Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Maria Paz 'Ipat' Luna said fishers in the area would still be given the chance to harvest their upcoming crop, before the imposition of a possible one-year moratorium on fishing.
DENR Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Maria Paz 'Ipat' Luna said there was 'a failure to meet certain conditions of the ECC.' Another concern for the DENR is the Philippine eagle habitat, which is less than five kilometers away from the mining site, according to Luna.
DENR Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Maria Paz 'Ipat' Luna explained some of the conditions under the ECC were not fulfilled, as of the latest communications with the Century Communities.
Lawyer Ipat Luna, who represented Environment Secretary Gina Lopez in the activity, urged those who attended the event to help in protecting the dying lake.