IPATInstituto Panameño de Turismo (Spanish: Panama Tourism Bureau)
IPATInfrastructure Project Assessment Tool
IPATIP Analysis Tools (Cisco)
IPATInternet Protocol Access Terminal
IPATInstitute for Personality & Ability Testing
IPATImplementation Process Action Team
IPATIndependent Program Assessment Team
IPATIn-Plant Acceptance Test
IPATImplant Acceptance Testing
IPATInter-Packet Arrival Time (computers)
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Un marco analitico de uso extendido para este fin es la ecuacion IPAT (I - P x A x T), formulada inicialmente por Ehrlich y Holdren (1971 en West.
A recommendation was submitted in 2015 by the Advanced Trauma Management IPAT, endorsed by the Commanding General, AMEDD Center and School and Health Readiness Center of Excellence, through the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, and approved by the Department of the Army that provides standardized resuscitative teams capable of supporting forward DCR, comprised of specific key tasks performed by expert emergency medicine clinicians who are assigned organically for employment by commanders and medical planners within a brigade combat team.
The Siddiqui Shah Depression Scale (SSDS)24 and the IPAT Anxiety Scale25 were administered on each patient before the treatment in premises of the hospital at scheduled time.
IPAT Depression Scale was used in order to find out the level of depression which is one of the most confusing problems faced by the physicians psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.
The validity and reliability regarding IPAT Anxiety and Depression Scales in Pakistan was declared positive by a study that was conducted in 1992 and also used the Slosson Oral Reading Test (SORT).
IPAT Anxiety Scale was administered in order to find out the level of anxiety.
The data thus generated was summarized using descriptive statistics in IPAT anxiety scale and Zungs self-rating depression scale.
STIRPAT, IPAT and ImPACT: Analytic Tools for Unpacking the Driving Forces of Environmental Impacts.
Pretested 60 college students on three scales: The IPAT Anxiety Scale, the Barron Ego-strength scale, and the Rotter I-E scale.
Four Systems Anxiety Questionnaire (Koskal and Power, 1990) and IPAT Depression Inventory (Krug and Laughlin, 1976) were used as dependent measures.
52 for the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale, the IPAT Anxiety Scale and the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List, respectively.