IPAWSIntegrated Public Alert and Warning System (US FEMA)
IPAWSInterim Portable Analysis Workstation
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Require FEMA to establish minimum requirements for state and local governments to participate in IPAWS within 120 days of receiving the subcommittees recommendations.
In addition to these oversight responsibilities, the 113th Congress is likely to consider legislation to improve IPAWS, as several bills for this purpose were introduced in the 112th.
IPReady does so much more than simply allow us to connect with IPAWS for EAS CAP compliance.
Recommendation: In order that the public alert and warning system be conceived of, designed, and implemented, the Secretary of Homeland Security should direct the Administrator, FEMA to improve program management and align IPAWS's vision with the requirements established in the executive order, implement processes for systems development and deployment, including (1) updating IPAWS strategic goals and milestones, implementation plans, and performance measures; (2) prioritizing projects in consultation with stakeholders; and (3) creating the necessary documentation on system design and specific release schedules for IPAWS.
It is an honor to be appointed to the FEMA IPAWS Committee, and support its commitment to ensuring the nations alert and warning infrastructure continues to deliver timely and effective warnings that keep citizens safe, said Hall.
IPAWS is a program operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designed to make alerts more effective for the nation.
IPAWS is integrated with third-party alerting solutions such as Monroe's DASDEC and One-Net solutions to allow broadcasters and cable systems to display critical emergency information and alerts to their audiences.
Overall, the 2016 Nationwide EAS Test demonstrated that the Internet-based distribution of alerts via IPAWS has modernized the EAS and greatly improved the quality, effectiveness, and accessibility of EAS alerts," the Bureau declared.
Ties into other mass notification systems IPAWS, NWS alerts, COG to COG, and Public alert feeds to every phone in a geographical area
Many EAS Participants reported that the test alert that they received featured the high quality audio from the CAP-based alert that FEMA distributed via IPAWS.
Currently IPAWS is a modernization and integration of the nations alert and warning infrastructure.