IPCEInterprocess Communication Environment
IPCEIncident Photon to Current Efficiency (solar cells)
IPCEInternational Pedophile and Child Emancipation
IPCEIndependent Parametric Cost Estimate
IPCEInterprofessional Cancer Education
IPCEInter-Professional Clinical Education
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Figure 3 shows IPCE spectra of the C[H.sub.3]N[H.sub.3]Pb[I.sub.3](polysilane) devices.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) IPCE curves for the perovskite top cell, Si bottom cell, and reference Si solar cell, and the integrated [J.sub.SC] from IPCEs are 18.02, 9.12, and 36.00 mA/[cm.sup.2], respectively.
The IPCE spectra supports the evident increase in the short-circuit current density as seen in Figure 3(b).
UV-Vis diffuse reflection spectra (DRS) and monochromatic incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency (IPCE) were detected to confirm the optical properties.
Figure 8 shows the IPCE of the aligned ZnO nanorod grown on Sn-doped films at different Sn concentrations.
Saban Ipce, representative of the coordinative Diaspora council, stated that all preparations for the first rally for local elections have been carried out in Zurich and there will be few other rallies in Bazel and Grehen -- Santon, Solloturn.
O projeto foi aprovado pelo Comite de Etica em Pesquisa do Instituto de Pesquisa Capacitacao e Especializacao --(IPCE)--Sao Paulo.
[2-] Bacharel em Nutricao pela Universidade de Ribeirao Preto, Pos-Graduacao Lato-Sensu em nutricao Clinica pelo IPCE, em Sao PauloSP.
Efecto de la epoca de tratamiento sobre el periodo de sincronizacion e intervalos tratamiento concepcion (ITC), parto concepcion (IPC) y servicios por concepcion (SC): En la TABLA V, se muestra el efecto de la epoca sobre las variables periodo de sincronizacion (PS), intervalos parto celo (IPCE), intervalo tratamiento concepcion (ITC), parto concepcion (IPC) y servicios por concepcion (SC).
Pendergast as North American senior market manager for the industrial-protective and civil engineering (IPCE), adhesives and distribution markets within the Epoxy Products & Intermediates business.