IPCGInterferometer Protein Crystal Growth (US NASA)
IPCGInternational Private Client Group (Merrill Lynch)
IPCGIP Charging Gateway (Redknee)
IPCGIndiana Polymer Clay Guild
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Compared with High-C group, Low-C group showed greater involvement of the right hemisphere including the right SPL, left SMA, and right IPcG during Hanja compared to Hangul reading.
Even the calculation formula of IPCG of Laspeyres type constitutes a way to build an anticipation method of constructing neutrosophic-tendential fuzzy numbers.
Thus, IIPP anticipates the developments of IPCG. The analysis of the last 17 years shows a parallel dynamics of evolution of the two statistical tools for assessing inflation, revealing the predictive ability of IPCG dynamics, starting from the development of IIPP;
* BCI--Building Cost Index assesses price changes in housing construction, serving for numerous rental indexation, being used independently or within IPCG, regardless of the chosen calculation method;
The instrumental and applied description of consumer goods price index has as guidelines: definition, the use advantages and the use disadvantages, the scope, data sources, samples used in construction, the weighting system, the actual calculation, the inflation calculated as the rate of IPCG, specific indicators of inflation, uses of IPCG and index of purchasing power of the national currency.
The weight [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of an edge between pm and pn in the iPCG is computed as follows:
This means that a practice pair in an iPCG is considered as correlated if it is identified in CMMI ([W.sub.m] = 1) or in the half or more of the empirical projects ([W.sub.e] [greater than or equal to] 0.5).
The resulting practices are then input to the iPCG to produce a PCG of the project described in terms of practices.
The correlation analysis engine is Excel-based consisting of (1) a knowledge base containing CMMI-based practice correlations and project-based practice correlations, (2) a PCG generator responsible for building PCGs, and (3) a PCG executor applying an iPCG and generating the output correlations in an Excel file.