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IPDRInternet Protocol Detail Record
IPDRInternet Protocol Detail Record Organization
IPDRInternational Project Development Roadmap (Canada)
IPDRInternal Preliminary Design Review
IPDRIndividual Program Data Records
IPDRInstrument Preliminary Design Review
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CableLabs' has already adopted IPDR Streaming Protocol for DOCSIS and their experience has prepared them for today's next-generation of open STB requirements.
Frank Sandoval, director, OCAP Specifications in the CableLabs Advanced Platforms and Services Department, said the IPDR technology was a great fit for the OpenCable specifications.
The IPDR also included a review of all layers of the FCS Network, embedded training, modeling and simulation, logistics and supportability functions, and complementary programs.
The IPDR also demonstrated the maturity of the overall FCS baseline design concept.