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IPDSIntelligent Printer Data Stream (RFC 2708)
IPDSIntegrated Product Development System
IPDSIntegrated Personal Development System
IPDSIntelligent Printer Data Streams
IPDSIdea Program Data System
IPDSImproved (Chemical Agent) Point Detection System
IPDSIntegrated Personal Development System (UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Fire Safety)
IPDSInland Petroleum Distribution System (US Army; US DoD)
IPDSImproved Point Detection System
IPDSIBM Personal Dictation System
IPDSImproved Position Determining System
IPDSIdea Program Data System (military)
IPDSImagery Processing and Dissemination System
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IPDS III, consisting of 58 miles of pipeline and four pump stations, was finished on 14 April, ahead of schedule.
IPDS IV would extend an additional 29.5 miles from LSA Viper to LSA Cedar I.
Minister Wisner wonders where the information is coming from that IPDs are being sold.
He recalls that the moment BIVAC took over IPDs, former Commerce Minister MiattaBeysolow cut the sale of IPDs [during former President Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf's administration].
IPDs have been regarded as the common carriers of network covert timing channels as they are basic units of traffic timing information.
The inevitable outcome is a steady decline in print volumes, which is why the major players in this space are busy reinventing both themselves and their core offerings to ensure that the IPDS market has an important role to play in the future of business.
He said that apart from creating a conducive working environment, the empowerment process of the IPDs and the police stations was also crucial to improve the quality of services, in line with the transformation of RMP in coming up with the three special elite forces.
(i) IPDs, as described by the authors, have as their primary indication the stenosis associated with moderate neurogenic claudication and/or radiculopathy regressing with the anterior flexion of the trunk.
In 2003, most of the fuel was stored in Kuwait and transported via an IPDS pipeline to Iraq, where it was delivered to Cedar II, a major hub located in south-central Iraq.
The amendments extend the value of the existing first development phase IPDS contract, which was announced in January 2007, to more than USD22m.
By Army doctrine, Army engineers design and build the IPDS pipeline and the Army Quartermaster operates it.
The Intelligent Power Distribution (IPD) Box forms the power distribution spine of tactical microgrids operating in more extreme conditions, coordinating energy resources and loads to achieve efficiency and resiliency, particularly in military environments.