IPEECInternational Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (US Department of Energy)
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52) In addition, it supports the energy working group of the Heiligendamm Process and will host the secretariat of the newly created IPEEC, two initiatives run by the G8 and its emerging partners.
Apart from that, it remains to be seen to what extent the high-level IPEEC can bring some coherence into the important field of energy efficiency.
The Heiligendamm Process, the recent establishment of IPEEC, and the G8's backing of the IEA's outreach to Russia and the G5 feature as the major achievements on this front.
The IPEEC aims to facilitate non-normative actions such as the exchange of information, encouraging development of energy efficiency technologies, increasing financing and cooperation efforts to accelerate deployment of energy efficiency technologies and research.
The scope of the IPEEC may include activities such as: 1.