IPENInternational POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutant) Elimination Network
IPENInstituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute)
IPENInstituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (Peru)
IPENInternational Program Evaluation Network (conference)
IPENIntellectual Property Enforcement Network
IPENInternational Private Equity Network (various locations)
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"Canada should have complied with the Basel Convention and repatriated its illegal garbage exports years ago," said Joe DiGangi, IPEN.
It should not take a presidential threat to get Canada or any other country to comply with the Basel Convention,' IPEN's Joe DiGangi said.
Selon IPEN, les nouvelles restrictions proposees par la Norvege se sont heurtees a une farouche opposition des Etats-Unis, du Bresil, de l'Argentine et des industries chimiques.
Assim, foram aplicados conhecimentos teoricos sobre Termodinamica e utilizados numa aplicacao de pesquisa e desenvolvimento, prestando-se servico ao Centro de Engenharia Nuclear (CEN) do IPEN. (KALOGIROU, 2009)
The sixth lidar project is located at the Centro de Lasers e Aplicacoes, Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo University, Brazil.
and IPEN Study by Arora et al [5,6] found that poor supervision and inadequate essential supplies affected the performance of trained workers.
Among the CNEN branches qualified to receive deactivated radioactive sources, three were considered: CDTN (Centro de Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia Nuclear, in Belo Horizonte, MG), IPEN (Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares, in Sao Paulo, SP), and IEN (Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ).
[20] IPEN, "Toxic Toy or Toxic Waste: Recycling POPs into New Products," Press release, 2015, http://www.ipen.org/news/toxic-toy-or-toxic- waste-recycling-pops-new-products.
"Education means not cramming people with meaningless facts they regurgitate in exams," said Sir Anthony Seldon, one of the leading proponents of positive psychology, at the International Positive Education Network's (IPEN) inaugural Festival of Positive Education held this past July.
Jeiel Guarino of IPEN, a global network comprised of more than 700 public interest, non-governmental organizations in 116 countries, said some paint manufacturers argue that transitioning to lead-free zones, would require more than a year, a period that they think will see them "lose ground and therefore prefer waiting for governments to set the regulations."