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IPERFInternet Performance Working Group
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Dugan et al., iPerf: TCP/UDP-Bandwidth Measurement Tool, 2008.
Thus, we introduce background traffic flows using IPerf to bring down the effective bandwith so that it is similar to the real world values.
First of all, the streaming media service is a one-to-many service, and the wired network perception includes all path to users, so the PathChirp, which consumes much less overhead than Pathload, Iperf [15], and so forth, still needs to reduce its consumption to avoid unnecessary network overload.
Specifically, PCI establishes a TCP connection with PC2 and transmits data by using iperf through the connection.
The setup involved a Raspberry Pi connected in point-to-point mode directly to a laptop and the Iperf tools where used to perform the tests on the connected network.
- NetX Iperf Throughput Demomeasures TCP and UDP network throughput is measured using Express Logic's NetX Duo IPv4/IPv6 dual-TCP/IP stack and the industry- standard Iperf network throughput benchmark.
More exactly, we have used the iperf tool for measuring bandwidth simultaneous between several virtual machines running in the hypervisor layer and the physical host running the management layer.
As a preliminary test, in order to avoid unexpected network limitations, the available bandwidth between the two networks was measured using IPERF (https://code .google.com/p/iperf/).
Richasse, "Jperf 2.0.2, graphical frontend for iperf written in java," 2013, https://code.google.com/p/xjperf.