IPERSIowa Public Employees Retirement System
IPERSIllinois Public Employees Retirement System
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Over the past two years, Vitech has worked collaboratively with IPERS to customize Vitech's V3 Software to meet IPERS' requirements.
In addition, a self-service website reaching 2300 employers in all 99 Iowa counties makes reporting and contributing to IPERS easy and instantaneous.
In 2007, IPERS processed about 1 million member benefit payments totaling over $1 billion and collected nearly $575 million in contributions.
Vitech will continue to work with IPERS to expand and improve the system so that IPERS' members can complete even more business online.
We are so pleased to have been able to partner with IPERS in this very important and successful undertaking.
Since 1989, Schroders has managed a Far East Active Equity portfolio for IPERS, currently valued at $575 million.
public pension funds, IPERS also ranked in the top quartile for the past five years.
Provide daily NAVs for each passive index fund offered, and provide an electronic means for IPERS custodian bank (BNY Mellon) to retrieve daily NAVs.