IPF1Insulin Promoter Factor 1
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Ayrica baska genlerde (IPF1, PTF1A, FOXP3, GLIS3, TCF2, EIF2AK3) mutasyonlar da yenidogan diyabetini de iceren coklu-sistem hastaliklarina yol acabilir (1-3,5,10).
In addition, mutations in other genes (IPF1, PTF1A, FOXP3, GLIS3, TCF2, EIF2AK3) may also lead to multi-system diseases including neonatal diabetes (1-3,5,10).
MODY in its different forms is inherited in autosomal dominant pattern and presents as a result of mutation in transcription factors genes including HNF4[alpha] (hepatocyte nuclear factor), HNF1[beta], IPF1 (insulin promoter factor), and neuro-Dl [1, 8, 9].