IPFIInternational Federation of the Phonographic Industry (trade association)
IPFIInternational Prognostic Factor Index (lymphoma prognostic tool)
IPFIIndividual Protective Factor Index (students)
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The most frequent causative pathogen was Candida albicans (34/47), which accounted for 72.34% of all cases with IPFI. This was followed by Aspergillus and Candida krusei infections (both 4/47).
Respiratory symptoms including cough, sticky sputum and blood-stained sputum were the most common symptoms in CTD patients with IPFI. Specifically, 41 of 47 patients presented such respiratory tract symptoms, which accounted for 87.2% of all CTD-IPFI cases.
All variables in Table 1, except laboratory indicators, were included in a backward-stepwise logistical regression model to identify risk factors for the presence of IPFI in CTD patients.
The present study evaluated the clinical characteristics and risk factors of IPFI in CTD patients.
Furthermore, it was also found that SLE, combined with PM/PA and RA, accounted for nearly 2/3 (68%) of all IPFI patients in the CTD group.
To date, predisposition factors for IPFI in CTD patients have not been fully determined.
In this study, interstitial pneumonia was one of three risk factors for IPFI in CTD.