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IPFIXInternet Protocol Flow Information Export
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A new GigaSMART[R] traffic intelligence capability--standards-based, NetFlow and IPFIX record generation -- is now available for the Gigamon Visibility Platform on AWS.
Optimized open source tools like Yet Another Framework, or YAF (Software Engineering Institute, 2006), convert standard Libpcap-formatted packet captures (Libpcap is a portable library for network traffic capture) to IPFIX format.
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"It is a chassis system that offers different services for each kind of network applications, such as VoIP gateways, network analyzers, or L2/L3 VPN routers, simply by inserting application modules such as PoE, IPFIX or MPLS engine without extra software cost," Harrison adds.The DES-7200 series provides a future-proven, hardware-based IPv6 platform embedded with complete and powerful IPv6 functions, including IPv6 manageability, RIPng1, OSPFv3, BGP v4, PIMv61 and IPv6 QoS/ACL.
LiveNX is a robust visualization and analytics engine that can ingest any form of network generated metadata including flow, SNMP and IPFIX to qualify SD-WAN Return-On-Investment (ROI) by monitoring application traffic on an end-to-end basis in real time and retrospectively to identify changes associated with network problems.
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The core idea of the company is to provide a complete range of innovative products and services for network monitoring and security (NetFlow, IPFIX, NBA, ADS), cyber defence (data retention, lawful interception) and hardware-accelerated application development (FPGA).
Originally developed a dozen years ago by Cisco, NetFlow v.9 was recently adopted as an IEEE standard called IPFIX. Because it is a standard, data from different vendors can be analyzed and the state can still apply the correct level of forensics or traffic analysis to it.