IPFPIterative Proportional Fitting Procedure
IPFPInstitute of Personal Financial Planning (Kansas State University; Manhattan, KS)
IPFPInternational Predissertation Fellowship Program (various universities)
IPFPInternational Prognostic Factor Project (Advanced Hodgkin's Disease)
IPFPIdiopathic Peripheral Facial Palsy
IPFPInjury Prevention Fellowship Program (Indian Health Service; Rockville, MD)
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The discontinuation of IPFP programme by the HEC has discouraged the young PhD scientists, it added.
The execution of the project that includes release of funds, purchase of items, setting up experiments, optimisation of protocols, etc., takes at least nine to 10 months, hence little time is left for actual research as IPFP agreement is only for 12 months.
HEC will evaluate the possibility of including R and D organizations and affiliated colleges-through the corresponding affiliating university, under IPFP to open up new placement opportunities.
Under the HEC rules, host institutions of the IPFP Programme are required to advertise the respective positions so that IPFP scholars have the opportunity to compete for jobs.
Dr Faheem said that the HEC chairman has acknowledged that IPFP phase II period was extended from one year with proper policy.
El IPFP aporta evidencia que puede usarse para responsabilizar a los gobiernos en cuanto a la satisfaccion de la demanda de planificacion familiar, y estuvo estrechamente relacionado con el desarrollo de politicas en los cuatro paises que sirvieron de estudios de caso.
To the best of our knowledge, IPFP and SPFP volumes have not been characterized in secondary causes of OA, in particular, hemophilic arthropathy.
Dentro de estas, se analizaron las comunalidades hasta los tres componentes seleccionados del ACP para definir los factores de ponderacion de cada indicador que en este estudio integran el IPFP. La comunalidad total estimada fue de 5,64, con base en la cual se estimaron los factores de ponderacion: 0,14; 0,16; 0,08; 0,14; 0,15; 0,17 y 0,16, para RS, TAC, PH, PT, H/T, MS y P/ha, respectivamente.
Recently, the NEIRID group showed that leptin expression was higher in infrapatellar fat pad (IPFP) and synovial tissues obtained from OA patients compared to healthy controls [43].
There are so many scholarships awarded to eligible students every year nationally and internationally as well, the Higher Education Commission requires a large amount of funds to maintain all these programmes but the shortage of funds and the absence of the chairmen have created so many hurdles regarding scholarship expenses for those who were abroad for education, as well as for those who are appointed in IPFP programme.
, R([Y.sup.m])} is constraint set, IPFP is defined as the below iteration process.
Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) has been launched to gainfully use trained manpower.