iPGMIndependent Phosphoglycerate Mutase
iPGMInstitut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia (Indonesian: Malaysian Institute of Teacher Education)
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A total of 1,000 participants, including MACC personnel and teachers from 27 IPGM campuses were deployed simultaneously at 9 am to 262 locations nationwide to collect the signatures and also to distribute 250,000 anti-corruption pamphlets.
Several infectious organisms are potentially susceptible to an iPGM inhibitor, said co-corresponding author James Inglese, Ph.D., director, NCATS Assay Development and Screening Technology Laboratory.
Earlier studies by Ingleses collaborators at New England Biolabs in Ipswich, Massachusetts, showed that iPGM is one of many essential enzymes the roundworm needs to survive.
They found two cyclic peptides that both bound tightly to only the iPGM enzyme and also shut down its activity.