IPHRInside the Park Home Run (baseball)
IPHRInternational Partnership for Human Rights (Brussels, Belgium)
IPHRInteractive Preventive Health Record (clinical study)
IPHRInternational Protection of Human Rights
IPHRInverted Polypoid Hamartoma of the Rectum (gastroenterology)
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As the NEJM notes in a recently published article on IPHRs, unlike the stand-alone models, IPHRs are essentially portals into the EHRs of patients' health care providers.
IPHRs offer a convenient way for physicians and patients to create a shared patient record, and therefore formulate a shared treatment plan.
Moreover, the iPHR technology provides an extraordinary opportunity to measure medical care productivity.
Moreover, a swipe of the card will give a physician access to the iPHR to automatically compile a comprehensive summary of critical information, including:
In addition, the iPHR can be augmented by patients who choose to provide details such as allergies, immunizations, and family history.
On January 1, 2008, she begins health coverage in a new health plan with an iPHR that is supported by a medical banking technology platform.
Prior to her initial consultation, Anna logs onto a secure iPHR website from the health plan to verify her eligibility, and she adds limited personal health data, such as emergency contacts and a "do not resuscitate" order.
At the end of the visit, the physician's assistant bills for an initial evaluation on the iPHR website.
Any cost-sharing is deducted from the checking account or credit card line that Anna has already entered in her iPHR preferences.
One day later, Anna receives an e-mail that the lab work has been completed, and she can log onto the iPHR to see and comment on the results.
Continuing with Anna, suppose that she decides to shop for a new health plan, using her iPHR data with clinical information, preferences and comments, and lab values.