IPHRCIndigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre (Canada)
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IPHRC also renews its call upon the Government of India to allow all international human rights organizations including IPHRC to visit Jammu and Kashmir for independent review of the human rights situation on ground.
It has also noted that the people of Kashmir has high hopes and expectations from the United Nations, OIC and IPHRC and international community to undertake substantive measures towards realization of their right to self-determination and protection of their basic rights.
The Conference further welcomed the approval of the first independent budget of the IPHRC by the 44thPermanent Finance Committee to be paid by the Member States as part of their mandatory contributions and requested IPHRC to continue this practice while observing OIC Financial Regulations for its expenditures.
Well-positioned to address Aboriginal health, her work at IPHRC allowed her to be an atypical health researcher and use the arts--as in painting, storytelling and acting-as medicine to help cure the "colonial contagion".
The IPHRC stressed that the magazine's act has further exacerbated the existing debate on the limits of freedom of expression by converting the so-called "right to offend" into a "duty to offend", pointing out that the magazine itself has been selective in its treatment of different values and religions.
IPHRC gives funding support to students in areas from medicine to fine arts and helps them showcase their work to all of Canada.
In the absence of any positive response from the Myanmar authorities to repeated IPHRC requests to undertake a fact-finding visit to Rakhine State to ascertain the human rights situation on the ground, the IPHRC undertook a visit to Cox Bazar to meet Rohingya refugees and other stakeholders to get first-hand information on the situation faced by the Rohingya in Myanmar.
The Secretary General made the call in a statement delivered on his behalf by Ambassador Samir Bakr Diab, Assistant Secretary General for Palestinian Affairs during the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission IPHRC's Thematic Debate on "Importance of Cultural Diversity in the promotion and protection of Human Rights" as part of the 12th Regular Session of IPHRC held in Jeddah, on 21st November 2017.
IPHRC deplored the extrajudicial killings and violation of the Kashmiris' right to live, right to freedom of expression and opinion, right to peaceful protest and assembly and other fundamental human rights.
Marking the International Women's Day, the IPHRC issued a press release saying it joins advocates of rights of women and girls all over the world in celebrating the achievements of women in all facets of life.
The book is knowledge translation from his research that we wanted to make sure got out there because I think it's really important what he's doing," said Cassandra Ozog, IPHRC research officer in communications and knowledge transfer.
The second meeting of the IPHRC is due to be hosted in Ankara on Aug.