IPIFIncontinentia Pigmenti International Foundation
IPIFInstitute of Pacific Islands Forestry (Hawaii)
IPIFInternational Petrochemical Information Forum (National Petrochemical and Refiners Association)
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For rail and transportation, the IPIF would be used to 'improve the viability and costings' of the following projects: PNR South Long Haul and PNR South Commuter, M'Lang Airport, Mindanao Railway, New Cebu International Container Port and New Cebu International Container Port.
06-million IPIF, which was targeted for completion by the second quarter of 2021, it added.
Richard Bolt, ADB country director for the Philippines, told reporters in a briefing that the IPIF was expected to support the preparation of $3.
The IPIF is a facility we hope to use in the feasibility assessment.
Initially, the loan for the facility is good for five years but the IPIF can receive additional loans from ADB depending on the implementation of the projects and the need for additional resources by the national government.
Richard Bolt, ADB country director for the Philippines, told reporters in a press briefing that the IPIF is expected to support the preparation of $3.
Aekapol Chongvilaivan, ADB's country economist for the Philippines, said among the flagship infrastructure projects in the pipeline whose preparation will be financed by the IPIF include the Davao-DIgas segment of the Mindanao Railway, the Philippine National Railways-South Line's commuter and long-haul segments, Laguna Lakeshore Road Network, as well as Northeastern Luzon Expressway, among other 'quite sophisticated' transport facilities, roads and bridges mostly outside Metro Manila.
While IPIF focused mainly on primary care, the focus has now been broadened to include the whole health system.
IPIF will be a Au50m competitive fund which will provide funding for new capital equipment and facilities to bodies that support the commercialisation of science and the development of high tech businesses.