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IPIXInterface Processor for Imagery Exchange
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IPIX measured data is collected at the Osborne Head Gunnery Range (OHGR), Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, with the McMaster University IPIX radar.
Subsequently, the proposed adaptive detector and the existing ANMF processor are tested on the IPIX radar clutter data, and the performance of the proposed detector is superior to that of the ANMF.
Virtual reality tours use various panoramic technologies that may require plug-ins such as IPIX, PIX-maker, QuicktimeVR or Java, and installation instructions are often included in the presentation.
Integration with iPIX InfoMediaTM - Newmarket International's surveyor can take 360-degree panoramic digital images of each meeting/function space via a state-of-the-art 5.1 megapixel camera for easy e-mailing of the digital images to meeting planners and instant posting on web sites.
The IPIX full 360-degree panorama tours give visitors a new and exciting way to view properties without even leaving home.
Realtor.com, an official web site of the National Association of Realtors, announced the signing of an extended services agreement with iPIX, a provider of imaging solutions, to launch the new "hometour360 Marketplace," further enhancing its tour product line.
The iPIX 360 Video Surveillance System--with a dual-lens, fixed spherical optics--can be custom configured for different covert reconnaissance and surveillance missions, said the manufacturer, iPIX.
Internet Pictures Corporation has introduced 360-degree-by- 360-degree iPIX Immersive Still Image Photography kits for cameras from Sony, Olympus and Canon.
In this chapter, following the authors' suggestions, I found myself exploring real Web sites--in particular, the IPIX site (www.ipix.com), which contains examples of viewing places in 3D on the Web using the mouse to position the camera.
Visitors can read entertainment news, browse celebrity interviews, and take virtual tours of celebrity homes using iPIX software; at last check, Whoopi Goldberg's country home and Julio Iglesias' plane were the star attractions.
They are currently redeveloping that site to include more interactive features with travel planning and mapping, combined with their IPIX 360-degree tour of various attractions.