IPKFIndian Peace Keeping Force
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The IPKF found itself engaged in a bloody police action against the LTTE.
In the meantime, fighting between the LTTE and the IPKF escalated in the north.
As the author of the book says: "The IPKF was clearly in an unenviable situation.
He sought an end to the India-Sri Lanka Agreement and the IPKF had to withdraw by December 1989.
The Tamil press in Sri Lanka became increasingly critical of the IPKF operations.
By early 1989, the IPKF was successful in confining the LTTE to the countryside in the Vavunia jungles and would have been able to exert pressure on the Sri Lankan Government to devolve powers to the Tamils in the north.
In June 1989, President Premadasa asked for a complete withdrawal of the IPKF from Sri Lanka.
The IPKF was also expected to help in the establishment of peace and normalcy in the Jaffna peninsula.
Violence broke out between the IPKF and the LTTE in October 1987.
The Government of India was keen that the operations in Maldives should be clean and not leave scars like the IPKF operations in Sri Lanka.
He participated in the 1971 operations and IPKF operations.