IPLAInternational Program License Agreement (IBM)
IPLAInternational Program License Agreement
IPLAIntellectual Property Law Association
IPLAIndiana Principals Leadership Academy
IPLAInternational Persons Landholding Act (Bahamas)
IPLAInternational Potato Launching Association
IPLAInstitute of Political Leadership and Access (Colorado)
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Being part of the IAIP enhances IPLA's purpose to provide professional education, an environment in which to build and enhance business alliances and an opportunity to make contact with people of varying experiences within the Insurance industry.
(2010) Mice deficient in group VIB phospholipase [A.sub.2] (iPLA.sub.2][gamma]) exhibit relative resistance to obesity and metabolic abnormalities induced by a Western diet.
Factors affecting tyramine production in Enterococcus durans IPLA 655.
Cyfrowy, owned by Poland's second-richest man Zygmunt Solorz-Zak, stated that it definitely saw some synergies arising from a possible combination between its web TV unit Ipla and Wirtualna.
Currently more than 100 leading institutional investors including the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority are part of IPLA guidelines.
* Established the International Pipe Lining Association (IPLA).
Similarly, with respect to regional protection areas, the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (IPLA) claims, "Even if there is a political imperative to reduce costs in relation to asylum, it is IPLA's view that the proposals for RPZs are unlikely to make any costs savings at all and indeed are likely to be cost intensive." The primary explanation they offer for this is, firstly, that constructing such an approach will require an additional layer of bureaucracy and, secondly, that it will create costs associated with identifying and returning asylum seekers to, say, an African refugee camp.
Regional pastoral education centers, such as the Latin American Pastoral Institute (Instituto Pastoral Latinoamericano, or IPLA) in Quito, Ecuador, provided priests and nuns with information and materials about, as well as enthusiasm for, innovative pastoral projects.
The Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles, Inc, (IPLA) sends their congratulations to their member, Christine Chandler Tillett, PHR, CLP for her recent awards: Risk Management Professional of the Year, Client Services Professional of the Year and Region VII Member of the Year.
(2) integrity and security of the INSPECT program, including recommendations to the IPLA to ensure that data collected by INSPECT may be used only for lawful purposes.