IPLBAIntellectual Property Licenses in Bankruptcy Act (est. 1988; US Bankruptcy Code amendment)
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145) As previously discussed, the IPLBA amended the Bankruptcy Code, giving licensees of several forms of intellectual property added protection post-rejection.
Due to the Supreme Court's recent refusal to determine the proper effect of rejection on a trademark licensee, this Note proposes amending the Bankruptcy Code to expressly provide the equitable solution that Congress imagined when it passed the IPLBA.
100-505, at 1-2 (acknowledging recent court decisions as need for legislation); Nguyen, supra note 4, 1291-92 (indicating IPLBA as response to Lubrizol).
As Congress recognized in the development of the IPLBA, a
and Bankruptcy--Has the IPLBA Thawed the "Chilling Effects" of