IPLCInternational Private Leased Circuit
IPLCInternational Product Life Cycle
IPLCInternational Patient Liaison Centre (National University Hospital; Singapore)
IPLCIntegrated Power and Load Control
IPLCInternational Powered Lift Conference (aircraft research)
IPLCInternational Private Leased Connections (telecommunications; India)
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Batelco can utilize HGC's extensive international network to deliver a comprehensive range of connectivity services including IPLC, MPLS and other services to customers in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and other countries and regions covered by HGC's network.
The POP's complement Batelco's range of global connectivity services -- Global MPLS IPVPN layer 3 & Ethernet layer 2 , EoSDH and IPLC , that are supported by a professional team in one of the region's most sophisticated NOC's (Network Operation Centre's) as well as the performance monitoring via the Batelco portal (Batelco NetView).
through IPLC included not only patent infringement cases but also cases
multinationals stopped short of reaching the last stage of the IPLC as theorized by Vernon (1974), where the subsidiaries of those U.
A section of de Jong's book details findings of extensive field research carried out by IPLC in eight European countries which just happen to have the highest private label market shares in the world.
Misiones: IPLC (Instituto Provincial de Loteria y Casinos), 2001.
Verette is headquartered in Livermore, California, with its contact center located in Mumbai, India, connected by Verette's DVI (digital voice infrastructure) end-to-end dedicated circuits via IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit), which improves the quality of VoIP calls (and the quality was certainly high for the call I received from their contact center in Mumbai).
In my Thoughtware Engineering courses, I had learned each of us had a copyright monitor that reported to the IPLC each time we thought of something copyrighted or patented.
The IPLC concept describes the movement of production facilities throughout the life of a product (Vernon, 1966, 1979; Wells, 1968, 1972).
The MozDGM is based on (a) the Design Proposal for the global DGM, which was developed by the Global IPLC Working Group and (b) Mozambiques Forest Investment Plan, submitted by the Government of Mozambique to the Forest Investment Program.
As per this agreement, each party offers a range of major international data services such as International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) services, IPLC Transit services, Global Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) services, MPLS Transit services and IP Transit services.