IPLMIntegrated Product Lifecycle Management
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The IPLM curve is a downward-sloping, convex curve characterized by the money market equilibrium and central bank's behavior.
where [y.sub.i,t] is growth of real GDP for the ith country at time t, [i.sub.i,t] is the interest rate policy (the change in the policy interest rate); [g.sub.i,t] is the fiscal policy measured by the budget balance as a percentage of GDP; [IPLMshock.sub.i,t] is the change in the country's risk premium that shifts the IPLM curve; [Wshock.sub.i,t] is the productivity shock that shifts the Wealth curve; Currency_[Crisis.sub.i,t] is a dummy variable equal to unity if the country has a currency crisis and zero otherwise; Banking_[Crisis.sub.i,t] is a dummy variable equal to unity if the country has a banking crisis and zero otherwise; [Z.sub.i,t] is the control variables; and [[epsilon].sub.i,t] is an error term.
Addressing a well-attended meeting of IPLM Qureshi said that annually an 'Excellence Award' will be presented to a lawyer of Rawalpindi for his services.
A necessary (but not compelling) condition for having a multiple equilibria scenario is that the W curve intercepts the [E.sub.t]-axis below the IPLM curve, or equivalently as represented in equation (Eq.
The PatchView IPLM developed by RiT Technologies and implemented by Online Group, an IPLM specialist, delivers end-to-end network visibility, allowing network issues to be quickly pinpointed and network changes to be instantly flagged, claims the company.
RiT developed the PatchView for the Enterprise (PV4E) IPLM system.
The aim of the partnership is to promote the benefits of IPLM (Intelligent Physical Layer Management), something that both partners believe is likely to become a standard requirement for most corporate networks.