IPLUSInternet Parcel Look Up System
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Another 10 specimens (Group2-ER-YSGG laser) were treated with ER-YSGG laser [Waterlase iPlus, 10 Hz and power of 0.5 W, pulse duration of 230 us (very short pulse)] in a non-contact mode.
Waterlase iPlus is the all-tissue laser machine trusted by the most dentists worldwide.
Further, Insituform CIPP and iPlus Composite will again be installed by the company crews to rehabilitate over 20,000 ft of 8-inch to 48-inch diameter pipelines that also involves managing the rehabilitation of 34 manholes and the construction of over two miles of all-weather access road in the wetland area.
Fourth-quarter net rose 9.8 percent to $14.5 million due to an increase in worldwide laser system sales, primarily driven by a $1.6 million increase WaterLase iPlus revenue.
With the addition of the new REPAIR Implant[TM] protocol, the WaterLase iPlus 2.0 now provides pre-programmed settings and step-by-step applications for more than 50 procedures and clinical indications.
Dental laser company BIOLASE Inc (NASDAQ:BIOL) reported on Wednesday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for WaterLase iPlus all-tissue laser for use as a surgical instrument for soft-tissue procedures in orthopedic and podiatric surgery.
Todel galima daryti isvada, kad siekiant optimaliu Sildymo ir vesinimo sanaudu nagrinejamajame objekte, rekomenduojama sumontuoti ANTELIO Green+Ar+ IPLUS NEUTRAL S stiklo paketus.
The Thermo Scientific IPlus! is a new gauging Platform from Thermo Scientific, Wilmington, Mass., designed to measure weight or thickness in cast film and sheet, vinyl calendering, and extrusion coating.
Thermo Scientific Iplus! is a new offering from Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Under the contract Insituform will rehabilitate almost 2,000 feet of 96-inch sanitary sewer pipes at San Diego International Airport using its iPlus Composite system.
(BULLETIN BOARD: TELT), Sarasota, Fla., a leading supplier of voice and data communication solutions and services, has been selected by GE Security, Inc., a business of GE Enterprises Solutions (NYSE:GE) to provide StarCall iPLUS, a powerful IP-based, SIP- compliant multimedia platform and the next generation of its StarCall intercommunication and timekeeping solution.
Our family of leakproof and corrosion resistant products is widely accepted for restoring structural integrity and includes our cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) product and iPlus Composite, which is ideal for restoring medium and large pipes.