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IPMBIntelligent Platform Management Bus
IPMBIntelligent Platform Management Bus (server system bus)
IPMBInstitute of Plant and Microbial Biology (Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan)
IPMBInteruniversity Programme Molecular Biology (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Brussels, Belgium)
IPMBInvestor Portfolio Management Business
IPMBIsolated Perfused Mouse Brain
IPMBIntegrated Portfolio Management Board
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Each board can communicate through the IPMB information on the maximum temperature, power load, interface, etc.
The Shelf Manager will continue to monitor the board's sensors and will send warnings and alarms across the IPMB as well as Telco or Ethernet alarms.
One is to include a header with connections for the Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB) signals.
This line of eight and 21-slot cPCI backplanes features PICMG 2.9 IPMB to all slots, Hot Swap compliance, and 5V or 3.3V switchable signaling.
Cheetah-A systems feature two 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports that are routed to the backplane J3 connector as PICMG 2.1.6 nodes while two Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB) interfaces on the backplane J1 connector ensure PICMG compliance.