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IPMCIp Multicast
IPMCInternational Property Maintenance Code
IPMCIntelligent Platform Management Controller
IPMCionic polymer metal composite
IPMCInternational Police Motor Corporation
IPMCIonomeric Polymer Metal Composites
IPMCIndian Path Medical Center (Kingsport, Tennessee)
IPMCImperial Point Medical Center (Florida)
IPMCIntegrated Pest Management Coordinator
IPMCInstallation Pest Management Coordinator (US DoD)
IPMCInternational Prime Markets Conference
IPMCInternational Performance Management Council
IPMCIndependent Pest Management Consulting
IPMCInteragency Program Management Committee
IPMCIran Piston Manufacturing Company
IPMCIntegrated Program Management Consultants
IPMCInternational Project Management Congress
IPMCInterlink Pharma Marketing Corporation (Philippines)
IPMCIntegrated Plant Management and Control
IPMCInterior Property Maintenance Checklist
IPMCIntelligent Pneumatic Motion Control (Radovan Robotics)
IPMCIndependent Personal Medical Care
IPMCInterplanetary Mining Corporation
IPMCInterdepartmental Project Management Committee
IPMCIPtimize Management Center
IPMCInvestment Promotion and Management Cell
IPMCIntelligent Peripheral Management Controllers
IPMCIndraprastha Medical Corp
IPMCIndustrial Plant Maintenance Course
IPMCIslamic Peninsula Movement for Change
IPMCInventory of Premarital Conflict
IPMCInsurance Portfolio Management Contact
IPMCIntercom Programming & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Ghana)
IPMCIndustrial Process Measurement and Control
IPMCIdaho Pest Management Center (University of Idaho, Boise, ID)
IPMCIntegrated Program Management Conference
IPMCIndustrial Park Management Committee (Malaysia)
IPMCInternational Power Modulator Conference
IPMCIron Pig Motorcycle Club (Oroville, California)
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Generally, an IPMC has a sandwich-like structure, typically consisting of an ion exchange polymer or composite ion exchanger material membrane covered or coated by two layers of thin metal electrodes (e.
IPMC plays an important role in many aspects of research, due to the advantages and its characteristics which include the ability to be controlled by low voltage and less consumption of power and the ability to work in wet conditions.
If the IPMC confirms the indictment, States would be notified to arrest the accused and to assist any further investigation the Prosecutor may require.
However, there are slill some defects, such as slow response, back relaxation and low-blocking force, which mainly limit the IPMC actuator as a practical actualor in variety of applications and need lo be addressed urgently (10, II).
IPMC materials exhibit large dynamic deformation under time-varying electric fields and have considerable potential as soft robotic actuators, artificial muscles, and dynamic sensors (5), (6).
The 13th IPMC 2012 is organized by QAU and Preston University in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and Pakistan Mathematical Society.
The same IPMO staff, as in the previous projects, will be retained while IPMC will be recruited using Quality- and Cost-Based Selection (90:10).
The experts on this occasion said IPMC is the only forum in Pakistan which is providing a platform on annual basis to mathematicians from Pakistan to interact and share their research contribution with
The IPMC actuators are fabricated by forming metal electrodes on the surface of the Nafion[R] film and cutting into necessary shapes and sizes after electroless plating of the metal (4), (5).
He said that IPMC also mulled over the suggestion to re-launch National Cadet Course (NCC) at educational institutions across the country.
IPMC actuators can create a large displacement under relatively low direct current (DC) voltage (< 5 V) and has good flexibility, which make IPMC actuators attractive for various applications [1, 2].
Huawei in partnership with IPMC - the authorized distributor of its products in Ghana - has launched the new Huawei Ascend W1 Windows 8 Phone in this part of Africa.