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IPMCIp Multicast
IPMCInternational Property Maintenance Code
IPMCIntelligent Platform Management Controller
IPMCionic polymer metal composite
IPMCInternational Police Motor Corporation
IPMCIonomeric Polymer Metal Composites
IPMCIndian Path Medical Center (Kingsport, Tennessee)
IPMCImperial Point Medical Center (Florida)
IPMCIntegrated Pest Management Coordinator
IPMCInstallation Pest Management Coordinator (US DoD)
IPMCInternational Prime Markets Conference
IPMCInternational Performance Management Council
IPMCIndependent Pest Management Consulting
IPMCInteragency Program Management Committee
IPMCIran Piston Manufacturing Company
IPMCIntegrated Program Management Consultants
IPMCInternational Project Management Congress
IPMCInterlink Pharma Marketing Corporation (Philippines)
IPMCIntegrated Plant Management and Control
IPMCInterior Property Maintenance Checklist
IPMCIntelligent Pneumatic Motion Control (Radovan Robotics)
IPMCIndependent Personal Medical Care
IPMCInterplanetary Mining Corporation
IPMCInvestment Promotion and Management Cell
IPMCInterdepartmental Project Management Committee
IPMCIPtimize Management Center
IPMCIndraprastha Medical Corp
IPMCIntelligent Peripheral Management Controllers
IPMCIndustrial Plant Maintenance Course
IPMCIslamic Peninsula Movement for Change
IPMCInventory of Premarital Conflict
IPMCInsurance Portfolio Management Contact
IPMCIntercom Programming & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Ghana)
IPMCIndustrial Process Measurement and Control
IPMCIdaho Pest Management Center (University of Idaho, Boise, ID)
IPMCIndustrial Park Management Committee (Malaysia)
IPMCIntegrated Program Management Conference
IPMCInternational Power Modulator Conference
IPMCIron Pig Motorcycle Club (Oroville, California)
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The 12th edition of IPMC was held at the education ministry and was presided over by Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood.
The federal education ministry would work with the collaboration of all stake holders who participated in the IPMC to discuss challenges and targeted goals in the education sector, he added.
The IPMC is the only forum in the country which is providing a platform on annual basis to mathematicians from Pakistan to interact and share their research contribution with eminent mathematicians from around the world since 2000.
The most widely used polymeric material as the IPMC actuator is Nafion (Dupont), due to some advantages, such as excellent chemical stability, commercial availability, appropriate mechanical robustness, and high proton conductivity (PC).
He said during his speech in the conference, IPMC is the unparallel effort to bring mathematicians of the country at one forum to interact and share their researches and ideas with each other and foster studies in this important subject".
The final diagnoses of the lesions were as follows: PC (n = 109); acinar cell carcinoma (n = 2); inflammatory mass (n = 11); neuroendocrine tumor (NET) (n = 8); AIP (n = 9); invasive intraductal papillary mucinous carcinoma (IPMC) (n = 5); metastatic lesions (n = 2: lung cancer 1, melanoma 1); and intraductal tubular tumor (ITT) (n = 1) (Table 1).
This is typically some version of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), published by the International Code Council.
In section III, we will introduce the Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite (IPMC) artificial muscle.
A boa noticia foi que o governo venezuelano desinou um Ponto Focal Nacional em Mudanca Climatica, responsavel de preparar os comentarios governamentais aos documentos propostos pelo Painel Intergovernamental em Mudanca Climatica (IPMC, por suas siglas em ingles) e facilitar a participacao de cientistas locais nas atividades do IPCC, seja ao propor membros para integrar o IPCC, organizar reunioes do mesmo no pais, ou difundir e promover a difusao dos resultados gerados pelo IPCC.
Group B codes under consideration include the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC); International Existing Building Code (IEBC); International Fire Code (IFC): International Code Council Performance Code (ICCPC); International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC); International Wildland-Urban Interface Code (IWUIC); International Zoning Code (IZC): International Residential Code (IRC); and International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC).
An intense research has been currently carried out to improve the IPMC performances in terms of power consumption, developed force, and deformation [5].