IPMDInternational Powder Metallurgy Directory
IPMDInsurance Professionals of Miami Dade (Florida)
IPMDIncomplete Prepyloric Mucosal Diaphragm
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Under the terms of the LPTA, the company has acquired from Altrazeal Trading and IPMD certain territorial distribution agreements and related distribution consulting agreements, under which local distributors will distribute Altrazeal products in various countries in the designated territories, and the company, Altrazeal Trading, and IPMD have terminated a license and supply agreement dated January 11, 2012.
Under the terms of the LPTA, Uluru has agreed to pay Altrazeal Trading and IPMD, collectively, a net transfer fee of EUR 2,273,771, which is net of amounts owed by Altrazeal Trading to the company.
The final initiative completed for both projects was new safety stock calculations for the different stockrooms supporting the IPMD and MWOs.
In February, the IPMD reaffirmed the EVMS Standard Equivalence Agreement with the Association for Project Management, the voice of project management in the United Kingdom.