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IPMPIp Multi Pathing
IPMPIntegrated Pest Management Program (various locations)
IPMPInvestigations into Polymer Membrane Processing (Space Shuttle)
IPMPIntellectual Property Management & Protection (MPEG-4)
IPMPInternational Project Management Program
IPMPInternet Protocol Multi-Pathing (Sun Microsystems)
IPMPInstitute for Participatory Management and Planning
IPMPInitial Project Management Plan (USACE)
IPMPImproved Performance Machinery Program
IPMPIsopropyl Methoxypyrazine
IPMPI Peed My Pants
IPMPIntegrated Project Management Plan
IPMPImproving Primary Mathematics Project (England)
IPMPInfrastructure Performance and Maintenance Program
IPMPInternet Performance Measurement Protocol
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The IPMP is a unique opportunity offered to young African leaders and we are delighted to be part of it."
Electric Power Corporation (EPC) will implement Itron Inc's OpenWay Riva IoT solution, smart meters and Itron Prepayment Management Platform (IPMP) support system in Samoa to improve the former's vending channels for prepaid electricity and increase awareness of the distribution system.
One thing shared by all MPs is their very low human detection threshold in wine, which for smell ranges from 320 pg/L for IPMP to 31 ng/L for DMMR (3,18) As a means of reference, 1 picogram (pg) is one-trillionth of a gram, or the average weight of the DNA in one cell of a hummingbird.
"We're learning a lot about IPMP as a chemical as well as other chemicals that are apparently correlating to IPMP.
Grado de correlacion (Pearson) entre el precio de la tierra y los bonos del tesoro de EUA, la tasa de interes real de Argentina y el Indice de Precios de las Materias Primas de exportacion Correlacion Bonos del Tasa de interes IPMP en $ de Pearson Tesoro EUA Argentina Precio de -0.752 ** -0.496 * 0.9 ** la tierra Fuente: calculos propios a partir de la base de datos construida.
Neste artigo, optou-se pela construcao do indice de Participacao da Mulher na Politica (IPMP) para medir as limitacoes da Lei de Cotas na promocao da equidade entre mulheres e homens, na esfera politica e nas instancias decisorias.
Universities are also using IPMP 2013 to train the next generation of food safety managers on how to correctly develop models to predict microbial growth and survival in foods.
Earlier this year, the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee submitted a three-year intermediate project management plan (IPMP) to FIFA.
It is important to note that locations that were not under US military control had different pest control contracts which were not subject to the USFOR-A Integrated Pest Management Plan (iPMP).
mobile internet device (MID) and intelligent portable media player (iPMP)).
North Sulawesi is seen as good in all indicators mainly in access to business area (score 82.51), regional administration commitment (score 72.85) and IPMP institution (score 72.59).