IPMSMInterior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
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However, in order for the IPMSM to remain usable in the one-motor hybrid system and achieve the target performance, these variables and volume cannot be changed.
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Key words: sensorless control, IPMSM, estimation, injected signal
However, the IPMSM exhibits many advantages such as low cost, high efficiency, reliability, ruggedness, and low maintenance.
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All previous studies based the control algorithm for the IPMSM drive system on accurate parameter model.
Originally these methods were designed for electric machines with geometric magnetic saliency, such as IPMSM and SynRM.
In this study a novel method with MTPAC of an IPMSM is simulated for a vehicular application.
We can derive a mathematical model of the IPMSM in the stator coordinates [[beta], [beta]]:
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