IPNBInterim Pacifica National Board (Los Angeles, CA)
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The population of interest for this study was mental health professionals who hold a license to practice counseling, have completed formal training in IPNB, and use IPNB in counseling practice.
The grand tour question was "What was your experience learning IPNB in the course?
The first author was introduced to IPNB in her doctoral training program and experienced personal and professional growth as a result of learning IPNB.
Research bias brought into the study mirrored findings in the literature, namely that learning principles of IPNB may increase counselors' compassion, empathy, and hope for change (Badenoch, 2008; Cozolino, 2010; Siegel, 2011).
IPNB principles explored through group process included the impact of history, attachment, the role of new experiences in the change process, and implicit memory.
Most participants noted the influence of observing other group members grow through IPNB principles and watching the instructor apply IPNB principles.
Similarly, NPhOE and IPNB show a slight difference in the XlogP (5.
parameter###(I) NPhOE###(II) b(EH)S###(III) b(BP)A###(IV) IPNB
The latter contained NPhOE (I), b(EH)S) (II) and IPNB (IV).
IPNB talks of health, harmony, flowing from integration, from the linkage of differentiated parts of a system, and so it is with any social system, not least families.
Some of the core concepts of IPNB are discussed below.
A crucial conceptual feature of IPNB is a dynamic, interactive, reciprocal relationship between the mind, the brain, and relationships.