IPNCInternational Pinot Noir Celebration
IPNCInternational Pediatric Nutrition Company (Saudi Arabia)
IPNCInternational Pathogenic Neisseria Conference
IPNCInternational Plant Nutrition Colloquium
IPNCInput Parameter Not Consistent (Alcatel)
IPNCInternet Protocol Network Configurator (Lucent)
IPNCIndigenous People's Network for Change (Thailand)
IPNCInternational Partnership Network Conference
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Almarai will now fully consolidate IPNC as opposed to using the equity accounting method and accordingly, this would have some minor impact on our 2014 forecasts.
Last December IPNC launched its first products from stocks imported from the US and the Netherlands.
We are excited to be working with bpc on our soon to be locally manufactured Almarai Enfamil infant formulas and thus ensuring that our products are being distributed to their final destinations to the highest quality standards," added Chuck Davin, IPNC general manager.
The IPNC acts as a bridge between the RF signals from the mobile radios and the wired portions of the network.