IPNRCInternational Parish Nurse Resource Center (St. Louis, Missouri)
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It is, therefore, with humility and honor that the Church Health Center is in a position to lend support for the IPNRC.
When we were contacted about beginning this relationship with IPNRC, it truly seemed as though God was smiling on us.
org), and will look forward to seeing you at future Westberg Symposia as an attendee, I will miss working with you through my daily association with the IPNRC.
Mary came to the IPNRC in July 2008, following eight years as the Director of Parish Nursing at Trinity Medical Center in Rock Island, Illinois, working with more than 70 parish nurses in their ecumenical network.
Susan Miller oversees the daily operations of the IPNRC office in St.
The Colorado Parish Nurse Education Consortium was formed in 1999 to provide the curriculum developed through the IPNRC.
By Mary Slutz, RN, BS, MHCA, Director of Symposia and Resources, IPNRC
To learn more about becoming a Faculty Partner of the IPNRC, please contact Dr.
By Andrea West, RN, PhD Director of Curriculum and Research, IPNRC
These resources were compiled by the IPNRC to help you get started in discussing and addressing this issue.