IPNSIntense Pulsed Neutron Source
IPNSInstitute of Particle and Nuclear Studies (Japan)
IPNSInternet Patent News Service
IPNSInternet Professionals & Network Solutions
IPNSIntegrated Plant Nutrition System
IPNSISDN PBX Networking Standard
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At a conference held on Tuesday to officially launch the IPNS, health care professionals from Abu Dhabi-based hospitals expressed concern that the new system would require additional resources and employee hours.
The HAAD will also conduct workshops about the IPNS from November onwards, he added.
The IPNS is expected to capture data on all types of injuries in over 80 per cent of the cases in Abu Dhabi.
During the pilot phase of the IPNS from May 2011 to September 2012, there were 46 reported poisoning cases and "out of 10 household ingestion, seven cases were Clorox ingestion," Dr Sharif said.
While the time-averaged neutron flux at LENS is expected to be comparable to that of the IPNS, the gamma background is expected to be relatively low.
The IPNS will also be linked to SEHA's Cerner system, the trauma registry, medical board and the HAAD's Poison and Drug Information Centre.