IPNetInternet Protocol Network
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IPNet Solutions, Newport IPNet.Suite) Beach, Calif.
BizManager400 is a member of IPNet's BizManager product line.
IPNet Solutions provides software that connects Global 2000 companies and their business partners enabling secure data exchange.
IPNet allows business partners of any size to participate in B2B initiatives by offering server, PC, Java-client and browser options.
3dfx is using IPNet to receive inbound sales orders from its PC manufacturers, such as Dell and Gateway, and large retail store customers.
"As a result of our success with eBizness Transact, we looked to IPNet to help us achieve e-business objectives in other areas," says Brown.
3dfx chose IPNet eBizness Collaborate, a solution for supply chain collaboration that automates the data-sharing process between resellers, vendors and suppliers.
www.ipnet-solutions.com Circle 270 for more information from IPNet Solutions