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IPOAInternational Plan of Action (fishing)
IPOAIp over Atm
IPOAInternational Peace Operations Association
IPOAIrish Property Owners Association (landlords)
IPOAIntellectual Property Owners Association (Washington, DC)
IPOAInternet Protocol Over ATM
IPOAIndophenoloxidase A
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The CEO took office in the last days of the first IPOA board on April 18, four months before the new directors were sworn in.
Awino accused Ipoa of failing to listen to the complaints from people in slums such as Nyalenda, Manyatta, and Obunga.
Established in 2006 and based in Orlando, Fla., IPOA and RAA are a hospitality focused insurance distribution platform.
From Indonesia, participated in as many as 18 officials and members of the Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad, IPOA, Indonesian Oleochemichal Manufacturer Association (IOMA), the Indonesian Palm Oil Estate Fund Agency, and Indonesian Harbour Co.
Ambassador Sohail Mahmood, in his address, noted that the IPoA was a landmark framework for development, centred on the overarching goal of overcoming the structural challenges faced by the LDCs to eradicate poverty, achieve internationally agreed development goals, and enable half of them to graduate from the LDC category by the year 2020.
The gathering also assessed the progress made on the path to sustainable development as set out in the IPoA in 2011 and related meetings to address challenges faced by LDCs and grant them the opportunity to reach the level of developed countries.
IPOA chairman Stephen Faughnan added: "25% of the interest paid to the banks is not allowed as an expense and therefore taxed as income.
The country's effort against IUU fishing is anchored on its commitment as a member of the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO), which adopted the International Plan of Action (IPOA) to prevent, deter and eliminate IUUF, Alcala said.
III, [paragraph] 9.1 (2001) [hereinafter IPOA-IUU], available at ftp://ftp.fao.org/docrep/fao/012/y1224e/y1224e00.pdf (noting role of states and regional fisheries in implementing IPOA); see also Judith Swan, Port State Measures: Examining the Value, Implementation and Challenges of Port State Measures for the Southern African Region, www.StopIllegalFishing.com, available at http://www.stopillegalfishing.com/doc/publication/eng/port_state_measures.pdf (indicating expanded role of port states under IPOA-IUU).
Thus, after the apeople's IPOa in summer 2007 the share price declined 0.11713 rubles, or 86.125%.
The IPOA served as a basis for the Commission's communication on the Community action plan for the conservation and management of sharks (COM52009)40), in which the EU makes a commitment to adopt all measures necessary for the conservation of sharks and to minimise waste and discards from shark catches.