IPOGIraq Policy and Operations Group
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The procedure, but not the sense of optimality, has been extended in the IPOG algorithm for arbitrary t: by induction of coverage over the columns, we only need to examine t-tuples with k [member of] [LAMBDA], so for each value of v we determine whether that t-tuple ([LAMBDA], v) is covered in the array.
The vertical growth algorithm is virtually identical to the original idea in IPOG. However, since some rows may be non-extended in horizontal growth some slight modifications have been made.
IPOG is currently implemented in a software package called FireEye (8), which was written in Java.
However, the performance gains described in this paper do not seem to extend to this more general setting as while competitive results are seen, IPOG seems to do better.
In this section graphs are presented to compare FireEye running the IPOG algorithm and IPO'.
International Pediatri Otolaryngology Group (IPOG) consensus recommendations: hearing loss in the pediatric patient.