IPOIBIp over Infiniband
IPOIBInternet Protocol Over Infiniband
IPOIBInternet Protocol Over Infiniband Working Group (IETF)
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Nasdaq:SBSE), a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computer solutions, is continuing its role as an embedded computer industry market leader by announcing the IB4X-VXWORKS InfiniBand driver for the VxWorks(R) real-time operating system with IPoIB and SDP protocols for InfiniBand HCAs--the first set of VxWorks(R) drivers for InfiniBand host channel adapters (HCAs).
The IB4X-CPCI-2A includes drivers for Linux with MPI, SRP, Mirror API, IPoIB, SDP and uDAPL support and Yellow Dog Linux for 64-bit PowerPC platforms.
Voltaire IBNetBoot provides a pre-boot execution environment (PXE) that can load an image over the InfiniBand network from a central location using TFTP and IPoIB protocols and execute the content of the image.
The clustering and shared I/O demonstration at Linux World incorporates four of these ULPs - MPI, IPoIB, SRP (Fibre Channel), and InfiniNIC (Ethernet) - running simultaneously over common InfiniBand 10Gb links, as well as a subnet manager provided by InfiniCon's technology partner, Lane15 Software.